Pop-Up Stalls: Saturday 22nd September

Check out the range of pop-up stalls that will be at Be You, Be Well!
With a range of retailers and practitioners from health, beauty, fashion and spiritual fields, head to Main Street where you’ll learn about the different ways you can live a healthy life - and maybe do a little bit of retail therapy too.

Pop-Up Stalls

Anytime Fitness

Over 1 million members choose Anytime Fitness. Why? Because it's convenient, affordable, and fun. And with 24/7 access to any of our 1800+ clubs around the globe,  you can workout on your terms. Fitness has never been so easy. 


BAE Vegan Perfume

A newly launched Australian vegan perfume brand showcasing over 30 fine fragrances across three unique collections. BAEs mission is to demonstrate that consumers can purchase luxurious, department store quality perfume at an affordable price AND which comes with ZERO cruelty to animals.

BAE is certified with Choose Cruelty Free, That Orangutan Alliance and PETAs Beauty Without Bunnies Vegan & Cruelty Free program. BAE is an ethical company whose founder, Nat Carey cares deeply for animals and the world we live in. 

Beyond Sunflowers

Beyond Sunflowers is a plant emporium, bringing so much more to homes than just beautiful greenery. Their vision is to transform homes and lives by sharing the many diverse contributions plants and gardens make to human well-being.

Plants promote improvements in both mental and physical health and wellbeing. They provide fresh produce, cleaner air and a wealth of mental benefits through the relaxation of home gardening such as a calmer spirit, lighter mood, improved concentration and increased productivity. 

Cheriss Health

Cheriss Health’s delicious range of sparkling kombucha elixirs will invigorate your mind, body and soul. These bottled kombucha beverages are brewed as they have been for over 2,000 years, fermented with whole foods and no additional extracts or glucose syrup. Just as nature intended. The tantalising range of flavours include Jun (honey and green tea – no sugar); Pizzaz (beetroot, lemon, ginger, turmeric and a touch of cayenne); revitalise (lavender, rose and blue spirulina); and Adrenal (a powerful blend of seven herbs that support our adrenals – Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, Ginseng, Nettle, Moringa, Tulsi and Astragalus.)

Designs By Simone

Designs by Simone is a business that started with a passion for candles. All our products are made by Simone here in Sydney. All candles are poured in small batches to ensure the best quality.

Doterra - Nourish Tribe

On a mission to help families have natural solutions at their fingertips and low-tox their homes, Hayley Stevenson and her team have been teaching people about Dottera oils and their amazing properties, how to use their Doterra oils and lower their toxic load. They love having conversations with people who are curious to start using essential oils in their homes and living a more natural life! 

Endless Possibilities Journal

Endless Possibilities is an interactive motivational journal for children and teens, filled with affirmations and illustrations to help create a positive mindset. The journal contains beautiful illustrations and affirmations that are perforated, allowing children/teens to display them for constant support and encouragement. They can also write or draw about their feelings, emotions, thoughts or experiences.

Fit N Fast

Franklin & Oak Homewares

Franklin & Oak was created in October 2017 to make a change toward a more sustainable lifestyle for owner Brooke and her family. With the feeling that there were limited options out there to turn to for sustainability, Brooke felt determined to create a platform that stocked sustainable homewares with great alternatives to single-use plastics. Franklin & Oak hope to continue to inspire others to create a more sustainable lifestyle and a sustainable future.

Genzon Water

Gravity fed Water Purifiers which remove sediment & particles down to 0.2 micron, 99.99% of bacteria, chemicals (including clorine & fluoride), heavy metals, THM's and carcinogenic items. The water is then re-mineralised, alkalised (pH 8.0 to 8.2, ionised and sanitised with mineral & silver stones and a magnetic field in the tap. The systems come in 2 sizes, 12 litre and 5 litre. The 5 litre being completely portable which is great for camping, caravanning, boating & tradesmen and has an optional insulated travel bag.

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is a healthy meal delivery service that provides new recipes and fresh seasonal ingredients right to your door. Find out more at hellofresh.com.au

Herbs & Heart

Blended only from the purest plant extracts, our ultimately indulgent eco range allows you to experience the power of nature at its best.  A perfect fit for all skin types, genders and seasons, we focus on bringing your skin back to its happiest, and healthiest state by feeding it a precisely balanced formula of nature-sourced nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids.

You can’t help but fall in love with this simple, effective, nourishing self-care routine. 

Herbs of Life

Herbs of Life is an artisan food & beverage company based in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

We specialise in certified organic, traditionally brewed premium kombucha, naturally fermented sauerkraut, and
hand blended therapeutic herbal teas. We believe strongly in supporting Aussie farmers and we use nothing but the finest ingredients, including Blue Mountains Spring Water, in our brews. Our aim is to produce quality, delicious and hand crafted certified organic products that are delicious and healing for the body!


Starting off as a market stall, Houghnuts owner Abbey was baking donuts out of her kitchen for her own dietary/ nutrition needs. Houghnuts are a local business who make healthy donuts that are gluten and refined sugar free, vegan, baked not fried and handmade, using only the best ingredients including organic coconut oil and 100% pure organic maple syrup to sweeten the donuts. Supplying to over 40 cafes in Sydney, we are looking to open our own store very soon!

Koshari Korner

Koshari Korner makes authentic and delicious Egyptian vegan street food including falafel, koshari and fool. Koshari is the most iconic Egyptian dish, mixing surprising ingredients such as lentils, pasta, and rice into a single dish topped with chickpeas, crispy onion rings and a spicy tomato salsa. They also serve Egyptian falafel rolls, iced hibiscus tea and Egyptian sweets. Founder, Walid El-Sabbagh recently moved to Australia with his grandmother’s recipes in hand and the love of koshari in his heart, and he can’t wait to share them with Australia.

Loved by JR

100% Australian Organic, handcrafted and hand-poured beeswax candles.
Our candles are only made from 100% Australian Organic beeswax. We don’t add any chemicals, scents or dyes.

You will have all the benefits when burning Loved by JR beeswax candles, a warm glow, bright light and a natural honey scent, all without the toxics effects.
If you wish to create a healthy and safe ambience for you and your family, LOVED BY JR can help you to achieve that.


Magicmuk was created for owner Amanda’s daughter because she was suffering from severe eczema and nothing on the market was helping her skin. This frustration drove Amanda to create a solution for her that was natural and long lasting... Magicmuk was born! Magicmuk want to help many more people with skin problems, to show them that skin problems do not have to be their normal, there is a helper in Magicmuk. After further trialling and human testing, Magicmuk has proven to have over 20+ targeted uses and potentially replace multiple health and beauty products in your cupboard!

Nana Can't Cook

Nana Can’t Cook believes in a sustainable and plastic free life. Using vegan essential oils, botanicals, butters and clays, they produce beautiful, indulgent cold processed soaps and bath bombs with no nasties. Everything is made with all-natural colours, no palm oils or synthetics. Luxurious products that soothe you on the inside, as much as they do on the outside. 

Real Fitness Training

Real Fitness Training offers a new ideology when it comes health and fitness. Their belief is one of long-term, sustainable results, built on a foundation of education around movement and nutrition. They offer high quality personal training, structured semi private strength training, habitual nutrition coaching, yoga and meditation classes and monthly educational workshops in a beautiful and friendly studio. With a highly personalised service tailored to each individual client, they provide a meticulous service that guarantees a rewarding fitness experience.


Empower, motivate, achieve it all - StyleFit
The StyleFit woman slays day to day in active lifestyle, we push her to be the BEST version of herself. StyleFIt showcase some amazing styles and sportsluxe brands. Take your workout wardrobe the next level with StyleFit.


SweatWear offers stylish and comfortable Women's sportswear in unique and eye-catching designs. Their tops, bottoms, bodysuits, underwear, jackets and more are suitable for yoga, studio, running, walking, training, gym, dance, pilates and everyday activities. The best parts of Sweatwear are the neon, patterns, mesh inserts, leather straps and funky blends of colour and style which will ensure you stand out from the ordinary, while feeling extraordinary.


The ThermoMix is a unique all-in-one kitchen appliance that will change the way you cook. It will help unlock your full culinary potential while saving you time and effort. Create healthy meals from raw unprocessed ingredients in minimal time plus use the digital guided cooking function, which makes any kitchen novice feel like a MasterChef. 

Tribe 41

Tribe41 is a well rounded functional training exercise program that mixes strength, cardio, mobility and flexibility. Our workouts have been designed to strengthen your mind and body by combining our four different Tribe41 workout styles. We have created a program that provides a personal training experience within a group training environment.

Here at T41 we want you to feel like you’re part of the Tribe, and by working together we can achieve your best results!


Yogadoll clothing was conceptualised by Simonne, who had a desire to create and share beautiful, high quality yoga wear with fellow yogi and fitness enthusiasts. Their clothing has been trialled and tested over a sustained period by fitness and yoga instructors, with their feedback shaping the high quality, durable and comfortable yoga wear sold by Yogadoll today. Whether it be on a yoga matt, in the gym or posing on the beach, their clothes are designed with love and will make you look awesome and feel amazing!
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