Environmental Management System (EMS)

RHTC is part of GPT’s ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS) and subject to all portfolio- and system-level procedures, plans and annual / semi-annual reviews.
GPT employs an ISO-based approach to managing ESG risks and opportunities, including through our ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS).  
This includes: 
  • determining our material impacts and understanding stakeholders’ expectations; 
  • setting policies and objectives to address these; 
  • establishing comprehensive and systematic methods for delivering on objectives; 
  • ensuring rigorous data management; and, 
  • implementing a system of continuous improvement. 
To support this GPT maintains mature data capture, management, storage and review methods. We utilise a number of platforms, such as envizi, to improve the reliability and integrity 
of data management and use these platforms to derive insight, inform decision-making and track accountability for delivery of both sustainability and commercial objectives. We apply the principles of simplicity, accountability, integrity and transparency in these systems and increasingly seek to automate and verify data capture and integrity as the data sources increases in materiality to the total data set. 
Our approach, including controls and incentives for delivery, the platforms and accountabilities we use and other procedures has been recognised as world-leading for over a decade through investor benchmarks such as the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment and Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). 


The GPT Group 

To encourage environments in which our people excel and our customers and communities prosper, sustainability practices underline our day to day operations and are integrated into GPT's organisational culture, stakeholder engagement, governance and processes.  
GPT has released its Sustainability Report for 2022, which reports our performance and progress on key environmental, social and governance matters that are material to our business. 

GPT's Environmental Data Dashboard provides detailed data, charts and information on the performance of Rouse Hill Town Centre, including a summary of our progress by year since 2005, as well as our current building ratings and certifications with industry bodies like NABERS, Green Star and Climate Active.