Connecting our Communities

Rouse Hill Town Centre is all about creating a new, well maintained neighbourhood destination to enjoy al fresco dining, great shopping and entertainment, as well as outdoor spaces and play areas for children.

Town Square and Market Square provides a focal points for the whole community, providing a place to meet friends and participate in activities, bringing people together in a friendly open-air environment.

Rouse Hill Town Centre offers all the conveniences of a shopping destination whilst providing a few surprises along the way for the whole community to enjoy.


Booking Events within Rouse Hill Town Centre

Within Rouse Hill Town Centre we have made available community spaces for the public, residents, event organisers and others to enjoy. The GPT Group has created a Public Accessible Areas Management Plan (PAAMP) to ensure the general rights of individuals to access and enjoy the publicly accessible areas within Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Click here to download an Event Application Form.
Click here to download the PAAMP document.

Busking at Rouse Hill Town Centre

At Rouse Hill Town Centre, we love entertaining acts. Any buskers interested in performing at Rouse Hill Town Centre just need to download the event application form and return it to the information centre located in Library Lane.


At Rouse Hill Town Centre, we place enormous value on supporting our customers and local community. GPT operates community programs that fall under three pillars: healthy living, employability and skilling and social inclusion. We value being part of the local community, and we make efforts to find ways to support and grow our community.

Future Generations

As the owner, manager and developer of Rouse Hill Town Centre, the GPT Group believes that a healthy environment and society can be achieved through a long-term commitment and shared responsibility. That's why we have undertaken a range of unprecedented measures to ensure Rouse Hill Town Centre can be enjoyed by current and future generations with minimal impact on the environment.

The fact is that any development makes its mark on the environment. But through deploying innovative design techniques and securing the support and commitment of our business and retail partners we have set ourselves some tough targets when it comes to environmental management. We are also keen to work with local groups and schools to ensure environmental best practices takes on a life of its own throughout the community.

Pets at Rouse Hill Town Centre 

Rouse Hill Town Centre values pet ownership and is committed to encouraging responsible pet behaviour at our centre.  Dogs are permitted in all areas of Rouse Hill Town Centre except within shopping laneways (look out for appropriate signage at every laneway entry gate).  

In line with The Hills Shire regulations, for safety and security reasons, dogs coming onto property must be on-leash at all times and under the immediate supervision of an adult.  Dog parking and water stations are provided at the extremities of Main Street and Civic Way and please note that dogs are not permitted to enter landscaped gardens or garden beds.