Connecting our Communities

Rouse Hill Town Centre is all about creating a new, well maintained neighbourhood destination to enjoy al fresco dining, great shopping and entertainment, as well as outdoor spaces and play areas for children.

Market Square provides a focal point for the whole community, providing a place to meet friends and participate in activities, bringing people together in a friendly open-air environment.

Rouse Hill Town Centre offers all the conveniences of a shopping destination whilst providing a few surprises along the way for the whole community to enjoy.


Booking Events within Rouse Hill Town Centre

Within Rouse Hill Town Centre we have made available community spaces for the public, residents, event organisers and others to enjoy. The GPT Group has created a Public Accessible Areas Management Plan (PAAMP) to ensure the general rights of individuals to access and enjoy the publicly accessible areas within Rouse Hill Town Centre.

See below to download a copy of PAAMP and the Event Application Form.

Busking at Rouse Hill Town Centre

At Rouse Hill Town Centre, we love entertaining acts. Any buskers interested in performing at Rouse Hill Town Centre just need to download the event application form and return it to the information centre located in Library Lane.

Future Generations

As the owner, manager and developer of Rouse Hill Town Centre, the GPT Group believes that a healthy environment and society can be achieved through a long-term commitment and shared responsibility. That's why we have undertaken a range of unprecedented measures to ensure Rouse Hill Town Centre can be enjoyed by current and future generations with minimal impact on the environment.

The fact is that any development makes its mark on the environment. But through deploying innovative design techniques and securing the support and commitment of our business and retail partners we have set ourselves some tough targets when it comes to environmental management. We are also keen to work with local groups and schools to ensure environmental best practices takes on a life of its own throughout the community.


Rouse Hill Town Centre is targeting to use approximately 60% less water than the average retail centre in New South Wales (that's a staggering 70 million litres, equivalent to 70 Olympic size swimming pools).

The installation of a 150,000 litre water tank at the site means we expect to collect enough water for approximately 20% of the Rouse Hill Town Centre's needs, including amenities, cooling towers, garden management and washing facilities
Similarly, Rouse Hill Town Centre is targeting 40% less energy use than the average New South Wales retail centre. Over 130,000 tonnes of recycled materials will be used in the construction of Rouse Hill Town Centre (that's the equivalent of 65,000 Toyota Land Cruisers).

All retailers at Rouse Hill Town Centre have completed an Ecological Footprint Calculator to help them keep their energy and water consumption to an absolute minimum. Trees have been carefully selected to provide shade and protection from the sun in summer, whilst glass has been used in key areas throughout the development to maximise natural light and minimise artificial lighting requirements.

An integrated network of foot and cycle paths weave their way through the Rouse Hill Town Centre and parking for 300 bicycles will be available for staff, visitors and residents Rouse Hill Town Centre has a zero waste to landfill plan, with an initial objective of recycling 60% of all waste produced 130,000 indigenous seedlings have been planted at the Rouse Hill Town Centre.

For more information on GPT's Corporate Responsibility initiatives, please visit Sustainability in GPT.

Pets at Rouse Hill Town Centre 

Rouse Hill Town Centre values pet ownership and is committed to encouraging responsible pet behaviour at our centre.  Dogs are permitted in all areas of Rouse Hill Town Centre except within shopping laneways (look out for appropriate signage at every laneway entry gate).  

In line with The Hills Shire regulations, for safety and security reasons, dogs coming onto property must be on-leash at all times and under the immediate supervision of an adult.  Dog parking and water stations are provided at the extremities of Main Street and Civic Way and please note that dogs are not permitted to enter landscaped gardens or garden beds.

Sustainability in GPT

The GPT Group’s purpose is to maximise the financial potential of Australian property with solutions that fulfil the aspirations of our investors, tenants and communities. GPT aspires to be an overall positive contributor to our communities, people and the environment.
GPT has once again been named the most sustainable property company globally in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for 2014/15, having been rated number one for four out of the past six years.

For further information on the Group’s sustainability initiatives, please visit
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