There’s a lot that goes in to living well and living healthily. So we’re excited to host the Be You, Be Well Healthy Living Festival at Rouse Hill Town Centre – a weekend of health, wellbeing, and social awareness all in one place.

With retailers, interactive activities, and inspiring talks from some of the best in the business, this two day festival on 21 & 22 October is your chance to learn something new, celebrate your body and mind, and inspire a life full of wellness.

The world of wellness can be tough to navigate on your own. So at Town Square during the festival, you’ll have the chance to speak to some of Australia’s experts in health, wellness and even finance to help you learn from the best and live a happier life

Hollie Azzopardi (Festival MC)

A local, Hollie Azzopardi is a wellness coach who is driven by helping people change their lives for the better. Whether it’s about health, mindset, career or any other stress in your life, Hollie believes that by setting goals and working together, you can achieve the wellness and quality of life.

Hollie Azzopardi | Developing Self Love & Body Confidence
Date & Time: Saturday, 21 October, 2-2:45pm
Where: Town Square
Do you look in the mirror and love what you see? Often we tear our appearance apart, committing to the latest diet or exercise fad, when in fact the real issue comes from within - our sense of self love and self-worth. In this session Hollie will share with you simple and easy tips to incorporate into your daily life, allowing self-love and body confidence to flourish.

Hollie Azzopardi | Manifesting Your Dream Life
Date & Time: Saturday, 21 October, 1-1:45pm
Where: Town Square  
You know those people who are just 'lucky'? Did you ever look at them and think 'what are they doing differently'? In this session Hollie will share simple daily habits she incorporates into her life that have enabled her to live the life of her dreams...because life is way too short not to! 

Moodi Dennaoui | The Diet Doctor

Known as the ‘Diet Doctor’, Moodi Dennaoui may have an unconventional approach to nutrition, but its earned him a great reputation among people from all walks of life – from the everyday Aussie to A-list celebs and elite athletes. Moodi doesn’t preach overnight success. Instead, he uses his extensive knowledge of the human body to help people reach their personal and fitness goals.

Moodi Dennaoui | | Nutrition Seminar - Debunking Myths and Fads with The Diet Doctor
Date & Time: Sunday, 22 October 10-10:45am, followed by 15min Q&A.
Where: Town Square

Debunking all the nutritional myths and fads that leave us more confused than when we start, he will talk about how your physiology and cognitive function are intertwined and how nutrition can affect this. You will have the chance to ask nutrition and diet related questions.


Shannai Pearce

Shannai Pearce from the Black Dog Institute has lived through the struggle of finding the balance in life with mental illness, and through her work, she's supporting many Australians to find their path to wellness.

Shannai Pearce | Black Dog Institute
Date & Time: Saturday, 21 October 1-1:30pm
Where: Town Square

There’s no doubt that feeling strong and peaceful in our mental health contributes to our holistic wellbeing. Many Australians deal with mental illness to some degree - but many of us don’t know where to turn to when things really get tough. Shannai Pearce is coming to the Be You, Be Well Healthy Living Festival to share her story, and chat about breaking down depression to build resilience.


Dominic Aarsen

Your financial wellness contributes significantly to your overall health and wellbeing. Hear from Dominic (from as he explores the 3 biggest money issues people have in the current day and age.

Dominic Aarsen | Toward Financial Wellbeing – “The 3 biggest money questions I’m asked”
Date & Time: Saturday, 21 October, 3-3:30pm
Where: Town Square
Understand what it means to financially de-stress, review your current situation and find out some of the small money tricks which will make a significant financial difference. There will also be Q&A time for you to ask any of those hard to answer questions too.

Kelli Wilkins

An area manager for Arbonne, Kelli Wilkins is set to enlighten the festival with her stories about nutrition and family health. Kelli is passionate about the quality of Arbonne’s Swiss-made botanical skincare and makeup, offering insights on how to really take care of your skin and running masterclasses on the latest trends in makeup. She’s empowered by the life she’s created and will be sharing it with the local community.

Kelli Wilkins | Arbonne – Toxin Free Living
Date & Time: Sunday 22 October, 2-2:30pm
Where: Town Square
Kelly will be revealing what products and ingredients in your bathroom and kitchen could be toxic to your health and aging you prematurely. She will offer solutions for what can be done to improve health from the outside and the inside out. There will also be Professional Makeovers for $20 to raise money for The Starlight Foundation that customers can book in on the day. 

Alice Bullivant

Through her own health journey, Alice Bullivant discovered the amazing benefits of natural healing through the mind, body and spirit.

Alice Bullivant | KinesiAlice  - Kinesiologist
Date & Time: Saturday, 21 October, 12-12:30pm
Where: Town Square
Now, as a qualified integrative complementary medicine therapist, holistic kinesiologist and mind body medicine practitioner, Alice has built her own practice in Sydney and will share her knowledge on Kinesiology at the Be You, Be Well Health and Wellbeing festival.

Sean Buchanan | Personalised Training Institute

After years of working at a fitness studio with a focus on personal training, communication and leadership skills, Sean started his own Personalised Training Institute to help inspire others. Sean is passionate about long-term proactive health management through adopting positive lifestyle choices and encompassing community, family and overall personal service to help people reach their goals.

Sean Buchanan | Community Cardio Challenge
Date & Time: Sunday, 22 October, 3-3:30pm
Where: Town Square
High intensity cardio workout.

Sydney Living Museums | Rouse Hill’s History of Food
Date & Time: Sunday, 22 October, 12-12:30pm
Where: Town Square  
No matter what our backgrounds or how diverse our daily lives, we all eat! At Rouse Hill House the house and its landscape record a rich food history. It tells us of changing tastes and fashions, of rising fortunes, and the changes to the district since Richard Rouse received his land grant in 1813. Hear from Dr Scott Hill, a curator with Sydney Living Museums, who will examine this history, with orange groves, mutton, and a jelly down the well.

Other seminars

Active Mums | 3-Steps to Regaining Confidence
Date & Time: Saturday, 21 October, 10-10:30am
Where: Town Square  
The Proven formula to feeling confident & comfortable in your own skin. Working with predominantly women, Active Mum encounters many women who feel like they have lost themselves somewhere in the world of family and work which has helped change the lives of over 1,000 mums in the Hills District over the last 9 years. Active Mums has developed the perfect formula to overcome these challenges and we’re pleased to host them in centre stage for an open discussion about feeling more confident and comfortable in your skin. Walk away from this session feeling stronger, sexier, more confident, energised and more comfortable in your own skin.
Creative Hearts | Reiki Seminar 
Date & Time: Saturday, 21 October & Sunday, 22 October – 11:11:30am.
Where: Town Square  
Join Paris and Lyn, Reiki masters from The Creative Heart Centre for a short talk on,
How the ancient art of Reiki Energy healing can benefit you. They will explain the 5 Reiki principles and how they promote a more joyful and peaceful way to live. This session will end in a Q&A session. A gifted healer with a multidimensional view on practice, Paris Luongo is one half of the duo who head up the Creative Heart Centre in Seven Hills. Paris will lead a session on Reiki and Meditation, and will lend her insights into how these practices can help create a state of wellbeing.