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Here’s our check list in the lead up to the start of the school year. Take a squizz and see if you’re prepared or what you need to start getting organised!

Uniform and school shoes: Ok, this seems like a no brainer but the holidays are loooong. Are the uniforms in good working condition after last year? Have you got enough shirts and socks? Is any item too small now. Additional items like hair bands/ribbons/clips etc., socks (matching socks!), umbrella/rain coat, tissues or wipes, library bag, art smock. Check the list your school has supplied (if you’ve been given one).

Stationery supplies: Most schools do a list of this now and you can even drop this list at certain stationery stores to have it filled. Great for busy mums but choosing and buying supplies is also another way to build excitement for kids who aren’t too keen on returning to school. Each school is different when it comes to stationery and other required items, with some supplying everything and others asking for donations of things such as tissues. Make sure you’ve confirmed what you’re expected to supply.

New lunchbox and drink bottle:  This is as big deal for most kids and can be an exciting part of getting ready for the new school year. Make sure both are practical and functional though. For example, can your child open both easily? Does it hold enough and fit in the school bag? Will it leak?

Labelling all items (groan): Iron on labels work well for some, a permanent marker works well for others. Each to their own. No judgement here. Just label everything!

Contacting books (groan again!): Some mums actually find this kind of a therapeutic exercise…made a fraction less painful with a glass or two of wine.

A check list:  consider displaying a morning checklist by the door or in the kitchen that you, Dad and the kids (if old enough) can run through – this is very handy if you’ll be in a rush. .e.g. lunchbox and drink bottle, hat, homework etc.

Activities roster: In addition to the above, if your kids do lots of afternoon activities, have a weekly calendar displayed so they can do some of the organising themselves.

Lunchbox inspo:  Spend a little time looking up some new lunch and recess ideas.

Confirm details with Centrelink:  If this is the first year you have a child going to school, or you have another beginning their school career, make sure you’ve updated the details with Centrelink so you receive any benefits you’re entitled to such as the Schoolkids Bonus. You can update details online by logging in to my.gov.au

Practise makes perfect: If it’s the first time going to school or it’s a new school, do a practise run so your little one is familiar with where you’ll be dropping them and where they need to walk. Same for the afternoon pick up.

Safety first: You may like to have a safety chat if your kids are now starting to be independent and walk or ride to or from school or catch the bus – what should they do in an emergency? If a stranger approaches them? If they get off the bus at the wrong stop?

Re-set the body clocks: If the kids have been staying up later during the holidays, allow a week or so to get back into the school bedtime routine so it’s not a shock to the system.
Good luck mummies (and dads!). It’s an exciting and busy time of year! We hope you get off to a great start.


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