An early Christmas present for Rouse Hill!

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Yup, you read that right: everyone’s favourite family entertainment centre (you know you grew up in there!) is opening in Rouse Hill in early December this year – and it will be bigger and better than you remember.
So what can you expect? Well, for one thing, the 1200 square metre facility will have a state of the art laser maze designed by a leading US-based designer. The maze will even have an observation space where you can watch your friends or kids blasting away at each other, trying to avoid the unworthy title of “laser brain”.

Timezone Rouse Hill will also feature more than 80 of the latest, greatest games. The old favourites of your childhood have changed a lot since the first, dusty days of Street Fighter: games are now more physical and fun, with the added bonus of winning prizes and tickets.  The prizes will all be on display in a modern, open prize shop – the better to see what you’re competing for, my dear… We guarantee that you’ll feel just like a kid in a toy store again!

Timezone Rouse Hill’s four bowling lanes feature the smaller, easier-to-handle bowling balls that make the bowling experience accessible for all shapes, sizes and ages, even for younger kids. 
Not convinced yet? Here’s the kicker: Timezone Rouse Hill will have three dedicated party rooms – perfect for parents looking for a safe, convenient space for their young ones! And bookings are already flooding in – months before the opening.

Everything in Timezone Rouse Hill works off of a super-simple tap Powercard that stores your balance and the amount of tickets you’ve won. You can even buy your own limited edition Powercard and stand out from the crowd!

If you can’t stand waiting until December to join in the fun, swing by the Timezone Hoarding in Rouse Hill, which will be up towards the end of September, and play the free embedded game.


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