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Easter Feasting
If there's ever a time of year to indulge in your favourite foods it’s Easter! Check out our inspiration to get your through the Easter long weekend.
Christmas Lunch, This is how we Christmas
Easy Christmas lunch ideas for the festive season
Check out these five easy, delicious, festive food ideas to help take the stress out of Christmas lunch.
Christmas Food, This is how we Christmas
Fun and healthy Christmas food ideas for kids!
Fun food for kids doesn’t have to be unhealthy. This year, get your little chefs to experiment with fruit and veg in the kitchen with you, making special Christmas characters.
Spring Food
The biggest and best spring food trends for 2019
There are so many beautiful food trends that have arrived for spring and we can’t get enough. Here’s what you can expect to see on menus this spring.
Food, Kids, Winter Comes Alive
Food for Rainbow Lovers
With winter here, parents everywhere are looking for ways to keep their little ones happy and entertained. What better way than through their taste buds?
Food, Dinner
Easy winter dinners you can prep, set and forget
Life is busy, we know. So here are some sure-fire ways to make meal planning easy this winter.
Easter, Recipes
Easter meal ideas for kids
Looking for some food inspiration for the Easter long weekend that the kids will love?
Recipes, Easter
Easter Sweet Treat Inspiration
Easter sweet treats to keep the kids busy & the whole family happy!
Recipes, Easter
Good Friday Seafood Inspiration
Simple seafood ideas the whole family can enjoy this Good Friday.
Recipes, Easter
Easter Egg Cookies Recipe
Everyone loves the classic choc chip cookie, but have you considered adding to your favourite choc chip cookies with delicious Easter eggs? Yum!
Recipes, Easter
Hot Cross Buns Recipe
These buns are delicious, fruity and spicy, with a fun twist by swapping the traditional peel for dried apricots for a bun the whole family will love!
Easter, Recipes
Chocolate Easter Cake Recipe
Treat yourself and your family with this delicious chocolate cake, topped with tasty chocolate frosting and your favourite Easter eggs.
Food, Family & Kids
Healthy & clever bento box lunch ideas for kids
It’s trendy, it’s neat, it’s tidy, it’s fun and it’s EXCITING. The Bento Box. 
Spiced Honey Glazed Ham with Sour Cherries
You can’t go past a glazed ham to get everyone into the festive spirit, and this one
makes a stunning centerpiece for the Christmas table.
Green Beans with Caramelised Onions and Roasted Pine Nuts
The Christmas table wouldn’t be the same without a side of green beans. This recipe adds a little something special, with the sweet caramelised onions complementing the pine nuts.
The Perfect Crispy Roast Potatoes
Roast potatoes are the perfect accompaniment for a traditional Christmas meal. Everyone loves them crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. Here’s how to do it and impress all your guests.
Easy Traditional Christmas Pudding
Nothing marks a traditional Christmas more than a beautiful, warm, rich Christmas pudding. But they often take a lot of preparation and time to get right. This version cuts the fuss, but doesn’t compromise on the end product.
Side of Salmon with Lemon, Dill & Pomegranate
This simple but irresistible dish looks beautiful as part of a seafood spread.
Fresh Oysters with Beet Chilli Salsa
Nothing marks a traditional Christmas more than a beautiful, warm, rich Christmas pudding. But they often take a lot of preparation and time to get right. This version cuts the fuss, but doesn’t compromise on the end product.
Prawn Mango Salad with a Lime Vinaigrette
This fresh prawn salad gives a taste of the ocean with a sweet twist. For a fresh dish to suit any seaside Christmas, this one is tasty, simple and impressive.
Easy Pavlova Wreath with , Pomegranate, Pistachio & Raspberry Coulis
You don’t need to spend days in the kitchen making a festive dessert that guests will rave about for years to come. Here’s our tip to make something that is equal parts simple and spectacular (in both taste and appearance).
Cheesy Christmas Tree Pull Apart
Flavoured with garlic and herbs, this delicious cheesy pull apart makes a fun Christmas party snack that is guaranteed to impress your guests.
Caprese Santa Skewers
When you are asked to bring a plate to Christmas, you want something simple and effective. Now you can add ‘adorable’ to your checklist, with these tasty, fresh, Caprese Santa Skewers. 
Beet Pesto, Parmesan and Pine Nut Canapes
These tasty and vibrant canapes are crowd pleasers. They are delicious, incredibly simple to make and (shhhh…) rather inexpensive. 
Traditional Gingerbread Cookies
Run, run as fast as you can, we can’t wait for you to try these gingerbread men! Simple, delicious and purely delightful. These gingerbread men will bring back festive childhood memories.
Beautiful food - how to brighten up the table this Spring
Whether you are entertaining friends, planning a party, or just looking to jazz up your brekky, here are some beautiful ways to do it. 

Impress her this Mother’s Day with a tasty homemade brekky.

Easter Recipe: Cherry Berry Cheesecake Trifle
Try this delicious dessert this Easter!
Easter recipe: Chicken breast roasts
These mini roasts are an easy option for an Easter buffet as there are no bones to contend with, which means they are very easy to carve and nice and quick to cook, not to mention delicious!
Easter Recipes: BBQ grilled prawns with mango salsa recipe
Everyone loves a seafood feast at Easter. Try this delicious prawn recipe!
Who doesn't LOVE roast potatoes? This variation will keep your guests coming back for more! Our hot tip? Cook more than you think you'll need, as they will be the first thing to be finished!
Easter recipe: Roast vegetable celebration salad
“Can you please bring a salad?” would have to be one of the most commonly asked questions when you’re invited to a lunch celebration. Why not wow them with this delicious creation?
It's hot cross bun season!
Hooray for hot cross buns!

Check out our favourite new flavours from our retailers here at your Town Centre.
Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes
There is nothing that says ‘I Love You’ better than chocolates, strawberries and breakfast in bed!
Fresh Food & Recipes
Delicious treats for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may be wondering how to celebrate your loved ones. Why not create a gift from the heart that will also satisfy their sweet tooth?


Christmas ice cream cake with berries and caramelised peaches recipe
This sensational creation combines some of our favourite Christmas ingredients into one impressive dessert!
There is no dessert more Aussie than a Pav, especially when adorned with fresh slithers of mango, banana and a generous drizzle of passionfruit!
Panettone stuffing cups recipe
Love stuffing? Try this delicious Christmas recipe that makes the side dish a real star of the show!
Stuffed roast pumpkin with haloumi, chorizo and rice recipe
Did someone say haloumi and chorizo? When those two ingredients combine, its always a winning combo. This roast pumpkin is filled with rice, quinoa, veggies, chorizo and haloumi, making it a winner for any Christmas gathering!
Lime and ginger glazed ham recipe
If you are looking for a no-fuss glazed ham recipe to try this year, well this one is for you!
Christmas Food Gift Ideas
Rouse Hill Town Centre has put together a great list of beautiful Christmas food gift ideas for your friends, family and colleagues to enjoy.
Classic Australian Christmas Foods
When it comes to Christmas, Australia shares similar meal traditions of Europe and America, but due to the warmer weather, we like to put a unique twist on the classic Christmas meals. Discover the classic Australian Christmas foods today.
Spring Street Fair: Ultimate foodie heaven
What food trucks are coming to our Street Fair this weekend
BBJ Bar N' Grill opens at your Town Centre
The Annandale Hotel/ Greenwood Plaza North Sydney burger sensation Burgers by Josh is about to hit the streets of Rouse Hill Town Centre.
Three things you should know about Galloway Beef
We are delighted to announce that Chop Artisan Butchery is an exclusive retailer of Belted Galloway Beef. Click here to find out why Galloway Beef is good for you.
Derby Cart Racing
​Rouse Hill Town Centre was a platinum sponsor for the 6th Billy Cart Derby this year, and has been the key location of the event for the last 6 years!
Love Hot Cross Buns?
The new hot cross bun flavours of 2017 are a new twist on the traditional favourite! Check out all the exciting flavours at Rouse Hill Town Centre.
Interview with David from Chop Artisian Butchery
Meet David the owner of our new favourite butcher shop, Chop Artisian Butchery.
Interview with Hollie from Healthy Life
Meet Hollie from Healthy Life and get healthy!
Interview with Jackie from Moss Brothers
Moss Brothers is the newest cafe at Rouse Hill - read all about owner, Jackie, and what makes his cafe stand out!
School lunches made easy!
Thinking of creative lunch ideas for the kids isn’t always easy.  Well we've made it easy - read on.
Our Tips for the best fresh food this Christmas!
Dress up your table with these beautiful and affordable dishes and treats!
Meet Chris from The Coffee Club
Today we sit down with Chris from The Coffee Club, he's got a great story - you won't want to miss it!
Meet: Rouse Hill Town Centre's Rea Lea
Behind the scenes at Rea Lea Chickens with Saire from Rouse Hill Town Centre
Meet: Cake Art & Design
Saire from Rouse Hill Town Centre gets the inside scoop at Cake Art & Design.
Meet: Nicholas at Costi's Fishmarkets
Saire from Rouse Hill Town Centre sits down with Nicolas and learns just how early they get to the fish markets every morning!
Meet: Ricardo from Nachos Mexican Restaurant
Saire from Rouse Hill sits down with Ricardo from Nachos Mexican Restaurant, eats nachoes and gets inspired!
Our unbeatable cookie recipe for dad!
If your dad is anything like ours, he loves a good cookie! Read on for our favourite cookie recipe to share with dad this Father's Day!
Charcoal is the new black
Charcoal is the latest food craze to sweep the nation, here’s everything you need to know to about it.
Seaweed is Here to Stay and Here's Why!
Seaweed is a staple in the majority of Asian cuisine and there are some major health related reasons why.  Here are five reasons why you should jump on the seaweed trend ASAP!
The Do's and Don't of Oil Pulling
Always wanted to know the real rules around oil pulling?  We broke down for you in our 7 Do's and Don't of oil pulling.
Health, Fresh Food
​5 Super Healthy Food Trends You Haven’t Tried Yet
We are all on the kale, quinoa and Greek yogurt band wagon, if you’re looking for new uber-healthy to your repertoire, look no further!  Here are 5 new foods to add to your healthy diet.
Cleansing with honey
2016 is all about natural remedies and one of our favourite is moving away from face cleansing with soap and onto honey!
Adaptogens – the new stress-fighting superherbs!
Today on the blog: Adaptogens – the new stress-fighting superherbs!
Today on the blog: Beauty products you drink!
It’s no secret that you are what you eat but now you are also what you drink!  And we’re not just talking water! Read on to find out about the new beauty trend that's taking over the world!
6 life hacks for eating better
​Even though we enjoy healthy meal prep, it can sometimes feel a chore and often over overwhelming.  Take note of the following tips and healthy lifestyle choices will become habits!
food, health
Our Top 5 Ways to Improve Digestion
Make these 5 small changes in your life and your gut will thank you!
clean eating, recipes, food, fresh food, dessert
Our top 5 clean eat dessert recipes
5 easy, clean eating dessert recipes
Food, Family
BREKKY IN BED for Mother's Day
Sure, it’s an old standard, but for Mum it never gets old. Treat to her to brekky in bed using one of our favourite breakfast recipes in 4 simple steps: Poached egg and smoked salmon on toasted Turkish bread.
We all scream for Ice Cream!
Look, we know that ice cream is incredibly delicious and makes us inexplicably happy but here are 10 really sweet facts about ice cream you may not know!
Dinner @ Lusso Tapas
Rouse Hill’s Best Kept Secret (the Tapas you’ve been waiting for!)

Lusso Tapas is a polished but cheerful place for Mediterranean snacks that’s been a favourite dinner spot in the dinner community for years. The menu is extensive, the dishes delicious yet reasonably priced and the wait staff unpretentious.

Lunch @ Seoul Street Food
If you’re got a Kimchi craving, then you’ve come to the right place.

Seoul Street Food opened by master chef, Jay Yun and food connoisseur, Helen Jin offers fresh dishes with flavour splashed on with vigour in a street vendor style that you can normally only find in Korea.

Breakfast @ Blends & Brothers
You want a Cappuccino with that Haircut?

What can we say, every once in a while you need a haircut and a drink! The café-barbershop is a growing trend, a place to get a reasonably priced haircut, catch your breath and grab a coffee or some tucker.

Meet Seoul Street Food's Masterchef
Seoul Street Food Opens 29 October 2015 with Korean Masterchef Jay Yun cooking up a storm in the kitchen! Korean Masterchef Jay Yun has worked at some of the best Hotels in Korea namely the Ritz Carlton and the Hotel Intercontinental.
Salmon with Lime, Chilli & Ginger Butter
Cook this weeks recipe and upload an image to Instagram using the #rhtcwinningdish for a chance to win a $150 RHTC Gift Card. Plus every entry will go into the draw to win a Kitchen Aid!
Strawberry, Yoghurt & Coconut Cake
Cook this weeks recipe and upload an image to Instagram using the #rhtcwinningdish for a chance to win a $150 RHTC Gift Card. Plus every entry will go into the draw to win a Kitchen Aid!
Smokey Barbecue Lamb Chops with Corn & Chorizo Salad
Cook this weeks recipe and upload an image to Instagram using the #rhtcwinningdish for a chance to win a $150 RHTC Gift Card. Plus every entry will go into the draw to win a Kitchen Aid!
Raspberry Ripple Ice-cream Scones
Cook this weeks recipe and upload an image to Instagram using the #rhtcwinningdish for a chance to win a $150 RHTC Gift Card. Plus every entry will go into the draw to win a Kitchen Aid!
Roast Spiced Chicken Wings
Cook this weeks recipe and upload an image to Instagram using the #rhtcwinningdish for a chance to win a $150 RHTC Gift Card. Plus every entry will go into the draw to win a Kitchen Aid!
Barramundi Burgers
Cook this weeks recipe and upload an image to Instagram using the #rhtcwinningdish for a chance to win a $150 RHTC Gift Card. Plus every entry will go into the draw to win a Kitchen Aid!
Balsamic Beef Skewers with Rosemary & Paprika
Cook this weeks recipe and upload an image to Instagram using the #rhtcwinningdish for a chance to win a $150 RHTC Gift Card. Plus every entry will go into the draw to win a Kitchen Aid!
Chicken Sausage & Honey Roasted Pumpkin Spaghetti
Cook this weeks recipe for a chance to win a $150 RHTC Gift Card. Plus every entry will go into the draw to win a Kitchen Aid!
Healthy Winter Warmers: Roasted Butternut Pumpkin & Apple Soup
You know the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and during the cold Winter months we are willing to try anything, ok almost anything, to prevent us from a pesky cold or worse flu!
This recipe transforms the humble apple into a delicious and warming soup that your family will love.  Filled with a nutritional punch, it will give your body the goodness it needs during the colder months.
Strawberry, Mascarpone & Passionfruit Cheesecake
This quick and easy recipe for Strawberry, Mascarpone and Passionfruit Cheesecake only uses one punnet of strawberries.  It makes for the perfect additon to afternoon tea or for a decadent dinner party desert!
Fast, Fresh Family Food: Flourless Almond, Coconut & Lime Cakes
These tasty Gluten free cakes make for a great treat for the kids or can be jazzed up to create an impressive desert to serve when entertaining family and friends.
Fast Fresh Family Cooking: Greek Style Stuffed Capsicums Recipe
This recipe turns leftover Bolognese sauce into a fast and fresh meal that the family will absolutley love!
Fast, Fresh Family Cooking: Quinoa Chicken Schnitzel
This fast and fresh recipe uses a healthy 'superfood' alternative that will not only a make these Schnitzels a delicious family dinner, but will double up as a great sandwich filler or salad topper.
Fast Fresh Family Cooking: Oaty Pikelets Recipe
If you love ANZAC biscuits you will love this ANZAC inspired Oaty Pikelets recipe. This fast and fresh recipe is perfect for the whole family this weekend.
Fast Fresh Family Cooking: Zoodles with Sausage Meatballs Recipe
Looking for a wheat free and nutrient packed alternative to pasta? This recipe uses delicious Zoodles. Plus our  cheeky cheat will have you making meatballs in no time flat.
Fast Fresh Family Cooking: Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries Recipe
If you are looking for a away to transform your leftover Easter Chocolate we have the perfect recipe for you. Our Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries recipe is so quick and easy to prepare plus it is gluten and egg free making it the perfect treat for families with food allergies.
Fast Fresh Family Cooking: Healthy ‘Chocolate’ Easter Eggs Recipe
Easter is just around the corner. If you are trying to find a healthy alternative to chocolate Easter eggs you will love this recipe for Healthy 'Chocolate' Easter Eggs. Plus the recipe is so simple the kids can join in the fun too!
Fast Fresh Family Cooking: Mexican Fish Tortillas Recipe
Are you trying to get the kids to eat more fish? If so amigos we have the perfect recipe for you. Our fast, fresh family recipe for Mexican Fish Tortillas is quick to whip up and kids the will love getting hands on and making their own tortilla.
Fast, Fresh Family Cooking: Sticky Honey Soy BBQ Chicken Recipe
BBQ Chickens make for a great quick mid week meal. This fast, fresh family recipe puts a tasty twist on the BBQ chicken. It is super simple to make and kids will love the sweet, sticky sauce.
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