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If you've been hanging out all year for hot cross buns, we've got a range of exciting new flavours for Easter 2017!

The tantalising combination of succulent fruit and spices like nutmug and cinnamon make hot cross buns a tradition to look forward to every year.
This year, the humble hot cross bun has been challenged by a series of new flavours designed to disrupt the traditional recipe and bring customers a new twist on this old favourite.
Our retailers have brought a range of innovative flavours for Easter 2017 - here are some of our top picks below!
Baker's Choice
It’s so hard to walk past Baker’s Choice without being tempted by the delicious aromas of their famous hot cross buns! 

This Easter, Baker’s Choice has an amazing range of innovatively flavoured hot cross buns. They are really pushing the boundaries on this classic Easter favourite, and we absolutely love it!
Not only do they have Traditional Hot Cross Buns, but they also have some of the most exciting flavours we’ve seen, including Passionfruit, Caramel, White Chocolate, Mocha and Choc Chip. 
With a range this diverse, the question is, which one will you try first?

Hop in to Baker's Choice at Rouse Hill Town Centre for all these yummy hot cross buns!
Woolworths have a delicious range of hot cross buns this Easter, and are also doing a wonderful job of catering to those with allergies. Not only do they have exciting flavours like Mocha and Cadbury Choc Chip, but they’ve newly launched the Gluten & Lactose Free Hot Cross Buns, perfect for those with food sensitivities. Go Woolies!

This year, consumer advocacy group CHOICE chose Coles’ Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns as their top pick in their blind taste test – wow! For such an affordable price, it’s definitely worth checking them out for yourself to see if they get your vote!
Coles also have a great range of flavours, like Apple & Cinnamon, Chocolate, Fruit Free, and even have an option for those with gluten allergies, with their Simply Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns.
Check out all these fabulous hot cross buns flavours this Easter!


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