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Our Tips for the best fresh food this Christmas!
Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Centre 19 Dec 2016 View comments
Presents are under the Christmas tree, the kids are on holiday, you hear Christmas carols everywhere you go and it’s time to start filling the fridge with fresh food and goodies for the family. This week we spoke with our fresh food retailers here at Rouse Hill Town Centre to give you some insight into our top quality snacks, dishes, drinks and desserts at the best prices.

Our first stop is everyone’s new favourite, Chop Artisan Butchery located next to Coles.  Come and drink their freshly ground coffee whilst you peruse the high variety of smoked hams, sliced meats and high quality artisan meats that you can get anywhere else at Rouse Hill.  Whether it’s a roast pork or beef sausages made out back, you can have your dish cooked to perfection at Chop or take it home and cook it with the family.  Chop is a great option for those that are time poor but still want to treat their family with a home cooked meal.  See some photos in the gallery above of butchers caught in the act of sausage making plus some artisan treats!

My next stop is Martelli’s Markets one of the best fresh food shops in NSW.  Not only do they offer fresh fruit for this time of year (think Paw Paw, pineapple, watermelon and sweet cherries) but they offer over 100 types of cheeses, 18 types of olives, my favourite gluten free gourmet dressing (Roza’s Gourmet Dressing) but also ready-made meals made in house for the days after the holidays when events leave us too busy to cook.  Our top picks for Christmas are the deli platers: Only $65 for a generous small, $75 for the medium and $110 for the large platter.  The platters include cheese, olives and a large selection of sliced meats.

Next we hit up Costi’s Fishmarket because what’s Christmas without fresh seafood!? Costi’s has a large selection of seafood ready for Christmas order now!  If you don’t to pre-order and keen or an early rise, Costi’s opens at 3AM on the 24th of December.

Growing up in my house, Christmas was all about the Christmas night ham and if you live in The Hills district you’ll know that the best place to get your premium ham is from Bush’s Fresh meats.

One last stop we suggest is Nuts Galore – nuts are great at the best of times but Christmas is the best time to indulge. Whether it’s a treat or your household or a healthy gift for a friend come to Nuts Galore to make your selection for a hamper and Nuts Galore Rouse Hill will wrap it for free.

Wherever you decide to buy your fresh food at Rouse Hill, we hope is as delicious as your Christmas is merry.

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