Three things you should know about Galloway Beef

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The Farm

Razorback Ranch are a small scale family farm run by Nick and Sandra Togias who are passionate about producing the best beef possible. Razorback Ranch chose to raise Galloways for their superior meat quality and not for their size. The steers raised on Razorback Ranch are grass fed for their entire life and are treated quietly and respectfully from the time they are born to the day they leave to be processed which can take up to three years. The end result to this labor of love is tender, juicy and flavoursome meat which is well marbled and packed with healthy fats.

What Makes Galloway Meat So Good?

Galloway Cattle are known worldwide for the superior quality meat they produce. The beef is lean yet well marbled. Because of the Galloway double hair coat, carcasses do not have the extra layer of back fat common to many other breeds. Galloways dress out at 60% to 62% of live weight. The success of Galloways at carcass competitions across the country stands testament to their ability to produce an exceptional product, especially when you take in to consideration the size of the national herd in comparison to other main stream breeds.

Health benefits of Galloway Beef

Galloway beef is rich in linoleic acid. The human body does not produce linoleic acid and therefore it must be included in our diet. Linoleic acid reduces the dangerous type of cholesterol (LDL), prevents thrombosis and therefore protects coronary vessels. Research by Dr Butson, Canada also has shown that Galloway beef has good levels of the essential fatty acids Omega 6 (linoleic acid) and Omega 3 (linolenic acid).

Enjoy this healthy protein source in your kitchen, visit Chop Artisan Butchery today in the Coles quad.


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