Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Centre 19 Mar 2021

Yummy homemade Easter gifts

Bunny Cupcakes

The magic of Easter is here! Bunnies, chocolate, chicks, hot cross buns… everywhere we look. Giving a gift at Easter shows you care for someone, but what makes it even more special is to make it yourself. It’s also a great way to keep the kids busy and save some hard earned dollars.

We’ve collected our favourite make at home Easter goodies to show someone you care. These tasty treats will even give the Easter bunny a run for his money!

1. COOKIE MIX IN A JAR - Easy, simple and oh so effective, giving the gift of a cookie mix in a jar means you can pass on some of the baking fun to your friends!

2. BUNNY CUPCAKES - Cupcakes are a crowd pleaser! You can’t go wrong. Simply frost your cupcakes as normal, top with some marshmallow ears (halved and dipped in coloured sherbet) and add a lolly nose.

3. EASTER CAKE POPS - All the rage, cake pops will make you popular with everyone. Bunnies, chicks and eggs will make beautiful pops. For a simpler approach, you can buy edible pens and draw bunnies on your pops!

4. RICE BUBBLE EASTER SLICE - This is perhaps one of the most simple and tasty Easter treats of all time! All you need to make this delicious slice of heaven are some rice bubbles, honey, sugar, butter and smarties to decorate. You can even shape them into eggs.

5. EASTER ICED COOKIES - Iced cookies look gorgeous wrapped and boxed in a pretty Easter box. You can make them yourself or for a super simple hack, buy some plain cookies from the supermarket and decorate them with pre made icing in tubes. Arrowroots make a great base for these.

6. EDIBLE EGG SLIME - Sounds awful, but kids love it! You’ve heard of edible slime… now get creative and pop it in a container with bunny ears, with a little spoon!

7. CHOCOLATE BARK - For a twist on the normal chocolate bark that will send your tastebuds hopping mad, stir in mini easter eggs, marshmallows and sprinkles!

8. ADULTS ONLY, BAILEYS EASTER EGG SHOTS - Us grown ups need a little fun too! Crack the top off some hollow eggs, fill with baileys and place in an egg cup ready for your adult guests to enjoy.
Happy cooking little bunnies!
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