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Meet Chris from The Coffee Club
Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Centre 08 Sep 2016 View comments
Walking to my sit down with Chris, owner of The Coffee Club café at Rouse Hill Town Centre, I expect to hear about the restaurant industry but end up having a great conversation with a man that has lived at least 10 lives.  If I covered everything we discussed; this blog piece would be at least 20 full pages of text.  I’ll try to cover it all in one.

Chris started his career as a 17 year long haired flower child at KFC, he jokes that his boss wouldn’t let him talk to the girls that lingered out front so he quit and moved to McDonalds.  Chris started as a junior shift runner but always the entrepreneur, eventually moved up the ranks to become a training manager and even work at a Japanese McDonalds.  He was also named Training Manager of the Year!  That’s how he met his wife, she was one of his trainees, the chatty trainee that he reprimanded for talking too much is now the wife that enchants everyone that walks into The Coffee Club.  She eventually went on to be Personal Assistant to Rupert Murdock.

Chris also left life at McDonalds for a 10 year stint at Toyota and some work at now defunct Wonderland.  Chris eventually found his way back owning and managing 3 McDonald franchises which he eventually sold to move over to The Coffee Club.

Chris looks at his business like a sporting team, they are competing, working together and winning every day.  Rouse Hills Coffee Club offers a full service kitchen, table service and even an expanded menu for the standard Coffee Club menu (think banana splits, waffles and sundaes!)

Chris and The Coffee Club also support Little Athletics – 3rd year running!  The Coffee Club also partners with local churches to fund raise and accommodates to meeting point for groups of all type (they once fit in 10 prams at the same time for a mother’s group).

Outside of work, Chris is into ballroom dancing, he owns 5 motorbikes and is an avid pilot with his own plane!  Chris actually learned how to fly a plane quicker than he learned how to make coffee!

Chris is definitely a character and his Coffee Club food, coffee and service cannot be beaten.

Stop by to chat with Chris, learn about his amazing life and enjoy a great meal.

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