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Meet: Ricardo from Nachos Mexican Restaurant
Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Cente 08 Sep 2016 View comments
During the summer of sophomore year at my American university my best friend and I hitchhiked across Mexico.  It wasn’t the smartest decision that I’ve ever made but it was when I fell deeply in love with the people, places and most importantly food of Mexico.

Since moving to Australia, I’ve struggled to find great Mexican food – THE STRUGGLE IS REAL KIDS!  Well the struggle ended last week when I sat down with Ricardo from newly rebranded Nachos Mexican Restaurant.

Ricardo, originally from Uruguay, migrated to Australian as a 13 year old boy with a passion for food.  He didn’t, however, go the typical route to becoming a restaurant owner.  Ricardo’s parents encouraged him to become an architect.  Ricardo followed his parent’s dream graduating from engineering school and getting a job as an architect.  Five years into his career Ricardo secretly quit his job and started working a dishwasher at a local restaurant to start learning his trade. Ricardo started working his way up the ladder and eventually in 1983, he started his first Mexican restaurant.  Ricardo grew his empire up to 7 restaurants but eventually scaled back to focus on his Rouse Hill location.

Nachos has a large bar and the speciality is fajitas.  The atmosphere suits all types from family dinners (it’s affordable) to romantic nights out (share a jug of sangria or margaritas!)

I would fly back to Mexico tomorrow and pick up my bohemian life but since I can’t (responsibilities blah), Nachos Mexican Restaurant is definitely the next best thing!

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