Beauty How To: Flawless Fake Tan in Ten Steps

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If you’re anything like me, you won’t be going Brazil or St Tropez any time soon but that shouldn’t stop you from having a St Tropez worthy tan all year round and what better way to achieve the perfect glow then with St Tropez Tanning Products.

As you’ll know if you’ve ever used it, St Tropez is a dream to apply but here are some expert tips to maximize the ease of application and your flawless glowing tan.

1. Exfoliate first: This is crucial to ensure a flawless finish, as it gets rid of the dead skin cells and provides an even canvas for the tan to be applied. This can either be done right before you tan or the day before.
2. Shave: We all know hairy limbs can detract from the Brazilian Goddess. However, if you are shaving just before tan application, be extra cautious not to nick yourself to avoid being stung into a state of swearing and to avoid infection.
3. Apply moisturiser only on the DRY spots of your body: elbows, knees, armpits, ankles, feet, and hands.  These areas soak up fake tan like a sponge, and the result is doomed for streaksville. You also may want to apply some to your bellybutton, and any stretch marks of scars you may have. Many people moisture their whole body, however, fake tan is best applied to clean and dry skin. This allows it to sink in much more and will stay on for longer.

4. Invest in an applicator mitt and never stain your hands again.  It’s water resistany protects your hands keeping them unstained and creates a flawless, professional tan.

5. After your body is bronzed and beautiful, remove the mitt and apply moisturiser to your hands, concentrating on knuckles, sides of the hands, wrists, and nails. Dot some fake tan on the back of one hand, and rub in with your other (exposed) hand. Get between the fingers, and don’t forget the side of the thumb. Repeat with other hand. 

6. Carefully rub dark coloured towel or a tissue on your palms, any remaining tanner should come off (as thanks to the moisturiser).

7. Check your tan:  If you see any patches, now is the time to fix them. Lightly dab some nail polish remover or lemon juice onto a cotton pad and pad any dark patches– do not wipe.

8. Let your tan dry before getting dressed. This is essential when achieving an even tan. Stay away from water of any kind, sweat, white clothing, and anything else that doesn’t need a tan.

9. In the following days, prolong your tan with moisturiser, add to it, or get the best of both worlds and invest in St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisuriser $19.95 from Price Attack.  It will add a light tan and moisturise, it will also keep you smelling summery, and fruity!

10. Last but not least an important tip for perfecting that tan on your face:  Before applying the tanner, put some Vaseline or PaPaw ointment on your eyebrow to avoid staining – orange eyebrows to not say sexy.



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