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Meet The Our Lady of the Angels' Boy's Shed
Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Centre 15 Sep 2016 View comments
The Our Lady of the Angels in Rouse Hill 4-6 graders are far too young to be a part of any Men’s Shed club but that didn’t stop them from forming their very own Boy’s Shed.  10 boys and their fearless teacher, Jan, meet 2.5 hours fortnightly to build gardens, bikes – whatever the school needs.  Over the last 18 months, the group has taken a patch of grass on the school’s property and turned it into a lush native garden.  They researched it, dug it, planted it – even saved it from drowning in a flood all whilst developing their interpersonal and communication skills.  Now what once was an unloved patch of grass is now a place of peace for students and teachers alike.

Boy’s Shed are now onto their next big project – building billy carts to race and bikes to ride. After that the school’s principal wants them to build an adventure playground and a sensory garden.  The group gets by on donations and motivation.  They work through heat, drizzle and bad days.

To keep Our Lady of the Angels Boy’s Shed going – vote for them to win up to $250 here.

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