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Interview with David from Chop Artisian Butchery
Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Centre 09 Feb 2017 View comments
Chop Artisian Butchery owner, David, was born and raised in Australia and has been a butcher for over 12 years, he originally started off as chef for 3 years working at a big catering company in the city. David has worked for Chop since October 2015. David works with his Grandfather, they’ve worked together for 18 months and he has been a butcher for 40 years. Another top staff member is Chris, who the David taught as an apprentice and they have worked together for over 6 years, together they make a great team. David has many favourites from the menu but says “you can’t beat a good steak”. Cheeseburgers would be the most popular item from their kitchen and their mouthwatering pork cherry bombs- pork loin infused with maple and glazed cherries is the definite favourite from the butcher. Chop always serve with a smile on their face, they maintain friendly service and their products are always fresh- always getting great feedback from their customers. David loves owning his own place as he has a strong passion for food and cooking. He truly fulfills that passion and loves expressing  it through the store. 

Check back with chop for Easter specials!

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