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Old Hollywood Glamorous Makeup Tricks
Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Centre 12 Jul 2016 View comments
1. Apply eye shadow with your eyes open

Always put your eye makeup on in the position that it will be seen in.  Too often people spend too much time perfecting a line or flick with a closed eye and then it disappears when the eye opens.  Get a great vanity mirror, keep your eyes open, learn and know your face. The Body Shop at Rouse Hill has more colours than you could ever imagine, our favourite remains to be the Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Eyeliner.

2. Gloss your face

Lip gloss was created in the ‘70s by cosmetic chemists, before that Vaseline was used for everything (and still a good standby).  Lip gloss is great for more than just the lip.  Use a clean disposable mascara wand, dip it into lip gloss and brush it on the high point of your eyebrow and proceed to brush outward to lift the eye, provide the illusion of higher cheekbones and add sparkle to your eye!  Because we go through it so quickly, we don't like to spend too much on lipgloss.  Priceline has the biggest selection in Rouse Hill and it's actually quite reasonable!

3. Use orange eye shadow to make your eyes pop!

Matte amber, oranges and sunsets have been used since the ‘40s to make all types of eyes pop.  The beauty of the warm tone is that it works with all eye colours, skin tones and all seasons. It warms up brown eyes, complements blue and green and accents the gold flecks in irises of the eyes.  It’s been a go to in Hollywood for decades.

4. Lipstick blush!

Doubling lipstick as a blush (or bronzer) is a great way to lighten up your makeup bag widening your variety of blush colours!  The trick is in application.  Apply some lipstick to the back of your hand then lightly dab your finger in it to pick up some of the colour.  Then  lightly apply the colour whilst smiling to the apple of your cheeks, sculpt as desired, you also have the option of layering powder blush on top.


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