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#MUMBOSS - Shannon from The Designer District

Popping up at RHTC for a limited time, at The Designer District, your Camilla&Marc tee dreams have been answered! The Designer District is currently a stockist of many of Australia’s most popular and in demand designer labels. The boutique carries Australian designer collections with the likes of Camilla, Cameo Collective, Nicholas, Zimmermann, Bec And Bridge, Alice Mccall, Senso, and Lack of Color being a  few labels that are showcased on the racks and shelves of The Designer District.

To celebrate Mother's Day and being a #MUMBOSS, we sat down with Shannon from the Designer District to talk all things, business, fashion, motherhood and juggling all 3!

You’re a busy mum of one, what are your top tips for managing a successful business ? How do you achieve work-life balance?
Although I am a mum of one, I do feel like a mum of two, as I treat my business as my baby too. 
In order to manage a successful business, I endeavour to always push the full potential of the business by forecasting upcoming trends, organising particular marketing strategies, focusing on what our customers are wanting and what The Designer District needs to place attention on in order to ensure the standard is held in the highest regard consistently. 

I'm lucky enough to be able to achieve a work-life balance and enjoy quality time with my beautiful little boy Brooklyn, by having the generous support of my family behind me. I also ensure I take time to myself by focusing on my health and wellbeing by going to the gym, socialising with friends and fixating time on things that make me happy which therefore enables a clear mind and positive attitude towards emphasis on work-life balance.

What’s your best advice to women wanting to start their own businesses?
If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.
I personally live by this quote regarding my business mind. 
Ensure when starting your own business, you have interest in what you are wanting to pursue as it becomes a passion, not a chore and it makes driving your business to its fullest potential seem effortless as it is something you enjoy. 

I also believe support from your peers and family is very important - relying on sources such as these for advice can assist in furthering the development of the business by providing new ideas etc. and to know you have a community of backing behind you provides that sense of security and worth whilst starting out.

Networking and knowledge will assist significantly in building the representation of the business brand and form relationships which therefore can benefit your business by having the backing of other business relationships and also as they say knowledge becomes power which will aid you in the growth of your business.

How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way?
I have always been driven by success from the motivation of my parents being in business, with that being said I was determined to do my parents proud by striving to achieve my goals and one of them being to own my own business. 

I have always been interested and loved fashion, working in the retail fashion industry since I was the age of 16 led me to pursue further studies in design completing a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion Design. After completing my studies, I had an interest in the business category of my degree and decided to make my dream of owning a fashion boutique a reality. Opening The Designer District’s first stand-alone boutique in 2014 with the support of my family, in particular my mum, who is as they would say my right-hand man. 

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration are my parents, two people who dedicated their lives to establishing a business however maintained a happy family life giving their children the foundations of strong morality and ethics to live by. 
Do you follow a certain morning routine or daily schedule to maximize productivity and well-being?

Life completely changed when I had my little boy - what was the usual morning routine now consists of early mornings, feed times, nappy changes, nap times and play times along with managing my business in between. However now that he is one-year old life has started to become more consistent and somewhat more normal. 

I wake up every morning to a beautiful happy boy which instantly starts my day off on a positive note, I do all my motherly duties and in between, find some time to have a quick coffee, check my emails and usually post on my social media for The Designer District. 
I either then head into work, as I now have returned part time instore to keep the business environment intimate with having strong business relationships with my staff and clients retaining that community vibe. If I’m not working, I often will take time to enjoy a session at the gym or socialise with friends or family members.

I also have another business called The Stationery Boss which is a hobby but of interest to me completing all things paperie and event styling which I complete in my spare time. 

In the mix of this I ensure I spend quality time with Brooklyn by going on walks, going to the park, playing with him and giving him every ounce of my love. 

I usually finish my day sharing a meal with my son and family or friends having a chat about the day or what is happening in the coming days. 
Relax then by having a shower with some music, weirdly enough have another coffee while I watch a little Netflix whilst checking once again my emails, social media then ready to clock off for the night.
What is the biggest challenge for you as a business owner?
My biggest challenge as a business owner is trying to balance work and life.
As a single mother I find it difficult now leaving my little boy to go to work and miss out on the little moments with him. However, I know he is in safe hands and spend my every other minute with him. However, parenting and business are two quite full on tasks which can become quite overwhelming.

Another challenge as a business owner uncertainty of not knowing what the future holds. Retail can be very unpredictable therefore you have to take every day as it comes and take the good with the bad. 

Although there are challenges as a business owner there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that with the support of your team, your family, your community and your friends that you are achieving your dreams.
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