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Meet: Nicholas at Costi's Fishmarkets
Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Centre 08 Sep 2016 View comments
30 years ago the Costi family started The Costi’s Fishmarket in Castle Hill.  8 years ago, the two cousins, George & George followed in the family footsteps and opened a second location at Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Last week I sat down with Nicolas, son of one of the Georges who has joined the family business.  As a lifelong vegetarian raised by a lifelong vegetarian, I know nothing about seafood and let me tell you, I am intrigued!  I begin firing off questions and George keeps up!   He tells me that to ensure they have the highest quality of fresh fish, they are down at the Sydney fish market at 3:30AM daily.  He says that the fish markets are a mad house – people literally running to get the best fish. I immediately want to see it.

Nicholas shares that the biggest day of the year is Christmas Eve and they stock so much fish on that day that they start setting up at 12AM, a full 6 hours earlier than on any other day.  The day I visit, there is a wide selection of seafood – salmon caviar, oysters, flathead, prawns, fillet, crabs and calamari!  You have the option to buy and take it home, have them cook it or even give advice on how to cook it at home – they are true experts!

Nicholas tells me that his favourite parts of his job are working with family and getting to know his customers – some customers have been coming to Costi’s for over 20 years!

To check out their wide selection and weekly specials, stop by Costi’s Fishmarket at Rouse Hill Town Centre.

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