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Meet: Rouse Hill Town Centre's Rea Lea
Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Centre 08 Sep 2016 View comments
The iconic brand, Rea Lea Chickens was founded in 1957 selling poultry products door to door.  Jump to 2016 and Red Lea has a network of 38 stores, 500 employees and a top notch processing plant with 5 breeder farms – selling to over 500,000 customers weekly.

Rouse Hill Town Centre houses one of the 38 Rea Leas in the country and I can see why it’s so successful – their range is wide, affordable prices and their customer service high.  The selection is incredible, they have schnitzel, herb and chicken sausages, chicken keiv, chicken rissoles, cold cooked bbq chicken (it’s actually my dream for someone to open up a pizza palour where they serve cold pizza).   What sets this Rea Lea from the others is their selection of accompanying food.  They sell fried rice, whole duck, chicken feet, pastizzis and noodles. They even have chicken bones for your dog.

Spice up your dinner tonight and stop by Rea Lea – your family will thank you.

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