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Keep your family organised with these 3 clever steps

Family life can be chaotic! It’s not easy getting yourself organised, let alone an army of small (or big) people who rely on you for everything.
It really doesn’t take much to make a big difference, when it comes to family organisation. Here are our top 3 tips that will have your family marching in line before you know it.

1. Public Planning 

By public, we mean a weekly planner in a visible space for the whole family to see. Use it for:
  • Menu Planning - Organisation for grocery shopping and for listing what’s for dinner and who’s cooking/cleaning
  • Weekly Activities - Kids sport, parents gym time, date nights, housework
  • To Do List - Any important things to be done as a priority. E.g. walking the dogs, paying the bills, buying nan’s birthday present.
Get your family organised with these public planners:

Typo - A3 Plan Ahead Planner - $14.99

Typo - Fridge Meal Planner - $4

Typo - A4 Plan Ahead Planner - $9.99

2. Inbox Outbox

Disorganisation and forgetfulness go hand in hand. How often do you grab the mail in a rush, put important things to the side only to lose them under piles of family clutter? Grab yourself an inbox and an outbox.
  • Inbox - Any action items go in the Inbox immediately. E.g. invitations to RSVP to, bills to pay, forms to sign.
  • Outbox - Once you’ve completed an action, you can move it to the Outbox. E.g. Invitations that you’ve RSVP’d do, but need to keep for the details. Or, bills that are paid but that can be filed all together at a later point at your leisure. 
Get your filing habits started with these tidy solutions:

Big W - Smash Neon Galaxy Magazine File - $6

Big W - Inkspire 5 Drawer Storage Organiser - $20

Big W - A4 Envelope Folders 3 Pack - $6


3. Label Everything

You’ve heard the saying ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’. Get some smart storage solutions around your house. Buckets, boxes, tubs, crates. Whatever floats your OCD boat. Then label them clearly so there is never an excuse (for other family members) not to put things away properly. You can label storage for:
  • Toys - Puzzles, trucks, play food, electronics, lego
  • Food - Tubs for baby appropriate snacks, school snacks, herbs, spices, healthy, treats
  • Clothes/Accessories - Wash and iron proof labels for kids clothes, drink bottles, lunch boxes, shoes
  • Cables - Label those pesky cords so you don’t spend 5 minutes finding the right one every single time. 
Get your storage and labelling systems happening with these handy solutions:

Big W - Dymo LetraTag Label Maker - $39

Big W - House & Home Laundry Powder Tin - $9

Target - Rattan Plastic Storage - $5

With all your new spare time you’ll have, you can scour our blog for other clever tips!
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