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Trailer & Review: Deepwater Horizon
Blogged by: Rouse Hill Town Centre 15 Sep 2016 View comments
On April 20th of 2010 a BP deepwater rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded and caused the biggest oil spill in history taking 11 lives, on October 6th, 2016, Deepwater Horizon comes to theatres chronicling the true life disaster.  The biographical disaster thriller starring Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, John Malkovich and Kate Hudson and follows the crew of a deepwater horizon before during and after the explosion.

Wahlberg stars as Mike Williams, an engineer on the rig who heads off to sea leaving his young family (Hudson stars as his wife) at home.   As the crew goes off to sea, things seem to be business as usual until Russell, the man in charge, begins duelling with BP executives who insist on going ahead with the drilling despite major safety concerns. Top BP suit played by John Malkovich ignores complaints of faulty equipment and failed quality checks as he orders the crew to proceed.

Deepwater Horizon is torturous disaster movie and a close look inside to oil giant BP’s catastrophic oversight.  Don’t miss this entertaining tribute to the brave men involved in the biggest man-made disaster.

Check session times here and watch the trailer below.


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